During our training teachers agreed that all the student, encouraged to search, enthusiastically engaged in projects and ventures, will develop their passions in a given field and strengthen his strengths. The participating teachers undertook a discussion, shared knowledge, presented the need for change. The teachers discussed about ways to improve quality of education in our schools: revising educational programs based on Industry Changes, take advantages of technology (ICT), making education more collaborative, encourage students to strengthen their strengths - Gallup Tests and appling for Erasmus Accreditation, Eco-labels , Edudesk projects , volunteer projects improving the European education system, the learning process, the role of the teacher for proper education of students and the role of the schools' and others. They analyzed the polish school's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). During the training the Polish teachers shared their knowledge about some methods of Lean Management. Although The five principles of Lean Management were introduced: Kaizen, Visual management, Kanban, cycle Deminga, Value Stream Mapping, 5Why. KAIZEN the philosophy of continuous improvement, the present situation should not be taken as ideal, constantly looking for new opportunities for growth and improvement. An example of how people engage in Kaizen is the so-called idea box, that motivates you to communicate your own solutions and creative thinking. Often relevant the application ideas are rewarded, which is another motivational aspect. The same way can also be used in day-to-day school life.

During the teachers' mobility, they had the opportunity to experience Polish traditions by visiting the museum in Żywiec and the Habsburg Castle, as well as exploring Polish cuisine and history in the city of Krakow. However, the most cherished memory will be the collective hike in the Beskidy Mountains, where biology teachers were enthralled by the various plant species. A particularly interesting highlight was their visit to the hydroelectric power plant on Mount Żar.